Additional services for your industrial plant

Electrical equipment and control systems, which precisely implement your technical requirements and pinpoint your success.

Reactive Current Compensation

We take care of the energy management and provide equipment dimensioned straight to the point.

  • Monitoring of the network quality
  • Load management
  • Power factor correction
  • Absorption circuits


For medium-voltage and low-voltage systems

  • Power capacitors for reactive current compensation
  • Interphase transformers
  • Capacitors for power electronics
  • Capacitors for inductive heating
  • Capacitors for motor compensation


Decades of experience in the area of network analysis and network quality are a guarantor for the competent support with planning and execution of reactive current compensation systems and absorption circuits.


Our production process is characterised by highest quality and reliability.

A fully automated inventory management system offers fast access to the required components. All cabinets and control systems are tested at the test facility prior to delivery.

Series cabinets

Especially for mechanical engineering, we deliver switch cabinets and control systems for specific requirements in cost-effective series production and recognised high quality.

Special solutions

Beside the manufacture of type-tested plants, we also design and manufacture earthquake-proof cabinets as well as container solutions according to customer specifications.

Protection - Control - Monitoring

Optimal process sequences ensure the quality of any industrially manufactured end product. Our reliable technicians are responsible for delivery, assembly, parameterisation, and commissioning.

Plant protection

We develop optimal protection concepts for your energy distribution. The knowledge about types of protective relays of various manufacturers and the years of experience enable our technicians to make the optimal equipment selection and choose a reliable protection concept.

Field equipment

For the process sequence at the plant, we plan and deliver the necessary instruments for pressure, temperature, flow, level, pH value, conductivity, etc. for all media.

Monitoring systems

We plan and deliver any plant monitoring system (signalling, alarm, hazard alert, speed display, etc.), from simple right up to complex ones.

Electrical distribution networks

On the basis of customer specifications, we plan and calculate the necessary power requirement of the electrical energy distribution as well as its dimensioning with regard to rated current, short-circuit resistance, and load flow.

Industry 4.0 – Quality control

Our specialists support production with ongoing quality optimisation using test plants, various analyses and test software, including conclusive reporting and statistical functions.


Electric drives up to the MW range with modern inverters and motors.

Frequency converters

Delivery of complete FC cabinets with protection, choking and communication facilities.

Electric motors

We cover the range up to 25 MW and voltages from 400 up to 13.8 kV. Plant-specifically, we deliver:

  • Asynchronous motors with cage rotor or slip ring rotor
  • Explosion-protected motors and generators


Slip ring rotor motors are started using oil-cooled starters.

Soft start devices

For starting asynchronous motors, we use high-quality soft starters.

Matching transformers

For adjustment of the voltage to the frequency converter, matching transformers are used.