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Our Promise: The Frühauf Quality Concept

Risks that are recognised and prevented by our system:

  • Technical risks

  • External risks

  • Business risks

  • Financial risks

  • Infrastructural risks

  • Incorrect operation

Prevention of technical risks

  • In order to prevent risks, we only use devices that are state-of-the-art. Trends and standards are regularly monitored and then incorporated into the process. We always adapt our technological requirements to the market and its needs.

  • By using tried and tested construction and equipment, we can minimise the risk of errors and improve our quality through continuous optimisation and permanent adjustments to the manufacturing process.

  • Detailed capacity planning is just as essential as purchasing from well-known companies and the use of modern tools for engineering, in order to guarantee the highest possible quality standards.

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Prevention of external risks

  • Regular observation of the business cycle, the political and legal framework, as well as the markets and competition lead to the early identification and implementation of necessary changes and opportunities.

  • The consideration of the product life cycle can provide information about the market needs and calls for innovation.

  • Customer satisfaction is always a non-negotiable given.

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Prevention of infrastructural risks

  • In order to prevent illegal activities, our professional IT department has developed numerous workflows that are deeply integrated into the company’s processes. 

  • Regular data backup, integrated database solutions and modern communication and information systems form an essential part of our infrastructure.

  • In order to protect the environment, environmental limit values are constantly checked and accepted, and company health and safety are promoted and secured through numerous measures.

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Risk prevention in plant management

We build upon the foundation of an apprenticeship and pass on the necessary details for managing the system. Well-informed employees are an essential part of trouble-free plant operation.

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