What we offer in detail

Hardware engineering

When it comes to hardware and pre-engineering, we design and implement machines and systems according to your requirements and project goals. We support you in the selection of the right components and assemblies for your project and take over the coordination and cooperation between automation, mechanical construction and electrical assemblage.

The design and creation of electrical circuit diagrams, terminal diagrams, assembly plans and parts lists for automation are just as integral a part of our service as is the correction of circuit diagrams after commissioning.

With comprehensive documentation of our conformity with CE and UL standards, extensive training courses and various certifications for our employees, we can provide you with the best possible support both in terms of our personnel and our expertise.

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Software engineering

We attend to the pre-engineering from the Scada to the I/O level and also offer the creation of security concepts as well as remote maintenance. Our project management ensures that your programming is state-of-the-art, while our employees are trained to deliver quality and respond to your individual needs.

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Series production

In order to ensure that the introductory phase of your product runs smoothly, we create prototypes and pilot series for you as part of the elaboration phase. We manufacture assemblies and variants from batch size 1. We can guarantee quality throughout over the whole course of production through constant and strict testing processes. By creating parts lists, we proactively support you in creating plannable production strategies to enable you to react flexibly to adaptations through operated change management.

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Project management

We attend to the selection and management of sub-projects and freelancers, compliance with the agreed budget and schedule and control over your costs. In this manner, we at Frühauf can ensure that project scopes remain within planned timing and budget plans, so that your company operates according to plan.

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